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This website is dedicated to my lovely husbando, Piers.

About Piers

Plot Stuff

Piers is the (former) Dark-Type Gym Leader of the Galar Region, (for those of you who don't know anything about Pokémon, a Gym Leader is the highest ranking official of a Pokémon Gym, but this doesn't really matter because Piers is quite different from other Gym Leaders.) On top of this, Piers is also a musician. He became a Gym Leader to save his hometown, Spikemuth, from poverty. Because of his small budget (and lack of care) the Spikemuth Pokémon Gym is just a stage and mosh pit. After the events of Pokémon Sword and Shield, Piers retires from being a Gym Leader to pursue music making.


Piers is gloomy, apathetic, and he has an "I don't care" attitude towards pretty much anything he encounters. He's blunt and doesn't hold himself back from saying whats on his mind. Despite all of this, he's very kind underneath his apathetic outer-layer. Piers genuinely cares about his little sister Marnie, and his friends.

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About Me

My name is [REDACTED] but most people call me Nezu. I'm gonna keep this brief because I doubt you'd go to this page to read about me. I'm an artist, and vidya gaem fan. I go wild for Touhou and Love Live. Talk to me about old bands and Nintendo games (or don't, I don't really care.) I also enjoy singing and musical theater.

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My discord tag is Nezu#0061, feel free to send me literally anything.